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Bonny's Message

Bonny and Rocky Bonny and Rocky
Bonny's message to those who have heard the words...

"You have cancer."

You never asked for this. None of us ever signed up for this tour of duty. You may feel alone but you are not the first to walk this cancer warpath. When I heard the words "you have cancer," I started planning my funeral. However, I changed my plans as I learned there is treatment for cancer. I also discovered most insurance companies do not pay for wigs needed from the treatment. It doesn't seem fair that you lose your hair on day number 15 after your first treatment.

It is important to try and look normal for working women, mothers and girls in school, but it can be a financial hardship with co-pays and loss of work while in treatment. That is one reason I started Hair Peace Charities - to pay for wigs.

A huge part of my battle has been planned by God. God is the "Peace" in Hair Peace. That is another reason I started Hair Peace Charities - to support women in faith. It has been my way of fighting back.