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Letters From Survivors
"I attended your meeting for the first time this past Wednesday at the Community Center. What a wonderful group of women! I was touched all of your stories and the willingness of everyone to share. I enjoyed Kim (Speaker- Rewrite Your Life Story). She was the impetus for many positive thoughts since then.

I want to thank you for the wonderful, thoughtful and beautiful prayer quilt. The one I chose was crocheted in white and shades of blue. I explained to my grandsons what it was and how all of the women prayed while holding the quilt and how touched I was. The six year old, Seamus, said "This blanket is really special and makes me feel warmer than anything". He is right it warms my heart. Please extend my appreciation to all involved.


"Dear Bonny,
What a blessing it is to know you! You have such a loving and generous heart. Thank you for helping me purchase my wig to get back to normal in a time that is such a loss of control. Thank you for your generous phone call and all the information you sent. I thank God you were put in my life. Yesterday I turned 58 and start chemo this week.

Love, Light and Healing Blessings,

Thank you so much for the spiritual and financial support during my battle with cancer. My wig has been a blessing. It looks so natural and it is one less thing to worry about. I don't think anyone can imagine how devastating hair loss is until it happens. I'm hoping to get to one of your meetings when I'm feeling a little better. My God bless you and your ministry.

My Mom just completed her 2nd round of chemo and so far, is doing well. Her hair began falling out last weekend, and sure enough, by the end of the week, it was mostly gone. We went on Friday for her wig fitting and it was absolutely amazing - my Mom looks absolutely beautiful in her wig!

We have also been actively reading the packet of info you sent to the house and hope to leverage a number of the resources / support groups accordingly.

BTW - the pickle hint was awesome! Not one Doctor or Nurse shared that, but my Mom tried it last week and it absolutely helped - thank you so much for sharing your wisdom!

Thanks again for all your help - look forward to meeting you somewhere along my Mom's journey to recovery :)

Letters From Survivors
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