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With many cancers, women will lose their hair 15 days after the first chemotheraphy treatment. In Pennsylvania, most insurance companies state a wig is not needed and do not cover the costs. This is why Bonny Diver-Hall started Hair Peace Charities, to assist women and girls as cancer is, loss of work from sick days - money is tight. Most wigs cost around $300. Hair Peace allows $200 of that cost if the cancer patient's insurance does not pay for a wig and purchasing a wig is a hardship. A call to Bonny is required from the patient or her parent. The funds are set for those iliving in western Pennsylvania.
If you know someone going through cancer in need of assistance, have them call Bonny at 412-327-5177 or ask them if Bonny can contact them and only with their permission, Bonny will call.
Hair Peace Charities is a faith based organization. All faiths including those without faith are served. We operate knowing Grace is a gift given freely to anyone who asks.
Hair Peace Charities counts on the monetary gifts of the community to offer this money and thanks everyone for their contributions.
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