“You are absolutely a Godsend! I was so desperate to find someone who could provide a wig for my sister. Luckily, my daughter found your charity on the internet. You certainly steered us in the right direction! Jean walked out of the salon with the perfect wig that made her feel good about herself again. She asked to go to see friends. No one could tell it was a wig! What a wonderful day! She even put on lipstick at dinner.”

-Vivian, Shadyside

“Thank you, thank you, and thank you a million times over. I am so grateful for your donation for my new “do”. One of the hardest things about this is losing my hair. It’s not about being vain; it’s more of a constant reminder that I’m sick. I might not be feeling sick one day but one look in the mirror and cancer is staring back at me! So thank you for helping me cope with my most difficult part along my journey with cancer. I feel like the luckiest person alive right now because of the help you have provided to me.”

-Kami, South Hills

I accompanied a friend of mine, diagnosed with ovarian cancer, to your Hair Peace Women’s Circle. I found it to be a very powerful group of strength, care, concern, friendship and spirituality. I am grateful for the help you have given to my dear friend.”

-Ruth, Pittsburgh

“Being single and trying to make ends meet, the gift for the wig has lifted a large burden. Thank you too for the information. I feel like I have some control again over cancer. I have 2 children and a grandson I want to be here to see grow old. Thank you!”

-Sherry, Penn Hills

“When I got word I would lose my hair I was devastated and thought “not my beautiful hair”. One of the wonderful nurses told me about Hair Peace Charities. Thanks to you I was able to get a great looking wig that everyone thinks is my own hair. Without Hair Peace, it would be one more unpleasant experience to remind me I have cancer. Thank you for your compassion.”

-Sandi, Gibsonia

“A special note to let you know how much I appreciate what you have done for me. I could not see my hairbrush for so much hair coming out. Once I got the wig you helped me to buy, I was a new person. It made me feel pretty again so I could go out in confidence.”

-Esther, Cranberry Township

“Thank you for the books that provided so much information, the prayers and mediation book was of great comfort. I also especially enjoyed the notes of prayer, well wishing and concern from people I did not even know who took time to send thoughtful cards. These expressions of kindness helped me to realize I was not alone.”

-Helen, Scott Township

“Before I had cancer, I never knew about Hair Peace Charities but now it is close to my heart. My girlfriends had a party for me when I finished treatments. They collected donations and told me to give it to a charity and yours came to mind first. I want to pay it forward so more women will be blessed with your kindness. I know, because I was one of them.”

-Brenda, Hampton

Hair Prayer & Care- Providing Financial Assistance to Women and Girls Fighting Cancer in Western Pennsylvania

What to Expect


wig salon visit

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What Can I Expect on a Salon Visit

Our truly experienced salon professionals are sensitive to your needs. They will be there for you to address each & every concern you have in choosing the perfect style, color & fit. It is perfectly normal to have a lot of questions.
  • When is it time to go to a salon? – As soon as you have your chemo sessions scheduled. Usually, your hair starts coming out 13 – 15 days after the first treatment.
  • Should I get a human hair wig? – They are very expensive and if you are going to lose your hair for a short time it may not be necessary to purchase such an expensive and high-maintenance wig. 
  • Can people tell I’m wearing a wig? – Not really. Many of the synthetic wigs are a reasonable price and you can’t tell it’s a wig. 
  • Is a wig hot & uncomfortable?  – The wig salon can show you how to place your wig so it’s very comfortable to wear. The wigs usually have netting that allows air to circulate.
  • What if my wig comes off? – Usually, double-sided adhesive tape made especially for wearing a wig helps hold it in place. 
  • Are wigs expensive? – Prices vary.  Synthetic wigs look great and can be reasonable. Human hair wigs can be very expensive. 
  • Will I have to sit out in public when trying on a wig? – Most salons have a private area available for you to try on different wigs. 
  • When can I tell I’m losing my hair? Hair loss will start out slowing in bits and pieces. Your hair will “hurt” or feel like it’s in a tight ponytail.
  • Why can’t I just buy a wig out of a catalog or off the internet? Usually, these are not quality wigs and will not fit properly. It is most important to get fitted for a wig at a quality salon. 
  • How long until my hair grows back? Just a few short weeks after your last chemo treatment your hair will start to grow back. The texture at first may be different and will change over the next month or two. 
  • Do I choose synthetic or human hair? This depends on how long you need a wig, A nice synthetic blend can last up to one year and are easy to care for. Human hair needs all the attention your real hair would need with styling.
  • How do I care for my wig? – This can vary.  All care instructions should be given at the salon. 
…but choosing a wig does not have to be this overwhelming.
A professional wig consultant not only eases your anxiety but truly realizes this is a very personal experience. They guarantee your wig has never been “pre-owned” for 30 days & only deal with brand names that guarantee them the same. In most circumstances, hair loss starts 2 weeks after your 1st treatment. When your Doctor tells you part of your treatment requires chemotherapy, it is time to make your appointment. Your wig salon may prefer to see you before you lose your hair to ensure they match your color & style plus any pictures you have of different ways you like to wear your hair. Just because you’ll be wearing a wig does not mean you are limited to one look.

You can be assured, you will leave the salon not only looking good but feeling better.

What Is Hair Peace? 

Hair Peace Charities Helps women and girls, who live in western Pennsylvania with financial assistance to purchase a wig needed due to cancer.  Hair Peace also offers cancer-fighting information, encouragement, and faith with support groups.  Hair Peace Charities will provide up to $250 towards a purchase of a wig.

To Receive Financial Assistance for the purchase of a wig, individuals must speak with Bonny by calling 412-327-5177.  Determination of assistance needed along with a list of supporting salons will be provided at that time. Salons cannot request assistance on behalf of clients.


Hair Peace Charities helps with the funds to purchase a wig. Cancer treatment is expensive with time off work and copays.


We offer to pray for each person who calls for help. Our prayer team also mails cards of encouragement and hope. 


We have the Bridge to Wellness, support groups and information to help while in treatment and beyond.